Housing Data Resources

A collection of national and state-based Housing data resources 



Housing Toolkits

Local Affordable Housing Plan Toolkit

The South Australia government has released this toolkit to aid in the identifying of housing demand and supply as well as the delivery of affordable housing. The toolkit contains a ten-step plan on achieving this and links resources of interest. While the toolkit is specific to South Australia, it is a helpful resource for interested users.

Affordable Housing Agreements Toolkit

The Community Housing Industry Association Victoria (CHIA Vic) toolkit was created to assist local governments in land use planning for affordable housing. This toolkit focuses on the negotiation element of creating affordable housing. The information included in the toolkit is not exclusive to Victoria and may be helpful to local governments regardless of their location.

NSW Local Government Housing Kit

This resource has been created by the NSW Government to assist local councils (and their staff) understand and respond to community housing issues within their jurisdiction. The kit has five modules which include understanding and assessing financial viability, formulating policies and strategies, and delivering affordable housing. The resource links to other resources and case studies to aid with the development of housing plans. 

Design Guidelines for Social Housing

Developed by the Queensland Government, these guidelines outline the quality of design the Queensland Government aims to achieve when delivering social housing. The guidelines are spilt into three parts design guidelines, technical summary sheets and indicative floor plans. The design guideline covers ‘10 essential ingredients’ to achieve good design that contributes to safety, housing affordability, accessibility and healthy communities. The technical summary sheets outline the practical requirements for achieving best practice design principles. While created for a Queensland audience, concepts discussed in the guide are applicable for all of Australia.  

Housing Data Sets

AIHW Housing Data Dashboard

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s (AIHW) housing data dashboard brings together a range of datasets to create an interactive resource about housing. This dashboard displays data about the Australian property and rental markets, social housing, rental affordability, homelessness and more.

Data by region

Developed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the ‘Data by Region’ resource presents key data from the ABS against a range of geographical boundaries. Users are able to search for data by their region or by navigating an interactive map. A range of data topics are accessible, including population, economy, industry, income, education, employment, health, family, migration and environment.

Housing resources within the Hub's Data Catalogue

Users are able to filter search results within the Hub's Data Catalogue by using various 'tags'. These tags are organised into various topics to assist you in narrowing down the search search results. This link will take you directly to our Data Catalogue with the 'housing' tag preselected. 

Other Resources

Your Home

The Australian Government’s ‘Your Home’ website is an initiative by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) and offers a range of resources to help guide users in ensuring that when homes are designed, built, or renovated, they are energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and adaptable. The site is organised into several themes which include passive design, energy, case studies and design for place.

Community Housing Industry Collection of Resources for LGAs

The Community Housing Industry Association of NSW has created this website to provide local councils (in NSW) with information and resources about actions they can take to support housing outcomes in partnership with community housing providers. It includes various publications, educational materials and case studies.

Knowing your Zones

This resource was created by Queensland Government to inform users (including property buyers) about land zoning regulations across Queensland and what each zone can be used for. The ‘know your zone' cards provide an overview of each zone (residential, industrial, recreational etc.) and what developments are allowed in each zone type.

Affordable housing through the housing planning system

This resource summarises models to provide a contribution to the delivery of affordable housing and mechanisms to secure a contribution. This resource has been developed for local governments, Registered Housing Agencies and landowners.