Explore regional data through the interactive maps, tools and dashboards. 

Data exploration tools

Experimental Gross Regional Product estimates

GRP is an estimate of each region’s unique contribution to the national economy. BCARR has produced experimental estimates for SA4s for 2015-16 and 2020-21.

Yumi Sabe

Developed by AIATSIS, the Yumi Sabe website makes Indigenous research data more accessible for researchers, policy makers and communities to help inform and improve policies.

LGA Unemployment Dashboard

An interactive dashboard showing unemployment figures and trends for LGAs, alongside state and national trends. LGA data courtesy of Jobs and Skills Australia. June Quarter 2023 data now available.

Liveability - What does it mean?

Liveability is a complex topic and can mean different things to different people. This interactive story map provides an introduction.

Interactive Industry Maps

Explore industry data for your Local Government Area and compare with other areas across Australia.

Indigenous Language Centres (ILCs)

This map shows where ILCs have been funded to help First Nations peoples express, preserve, and maintain their culture through languages and arts activities.

Regional Development Australia

Search for your local Regional Development Australia Committee and learn how they support local development.

Interactive Population LGA Maps

View demographic data like estimated residents, median age and First Nations populations in your Local Government Area.

ABS Data by Region

The Australian Bureau of Statistics makes a wide range of data available in Data by Region. Users can search for a region or find it via an interactive map, as well as compare data across regions.

Progress in Australian Regions and Cities Dashboard

This dashboard offers a range of interactive visualisations and search functions to help you explore in-depth information for your area of interest.

Find My Regions Tool

Australia is divided into geographical regions in a variety of ways. This tool will allow users to search their location, such as an address or a town, and discover the geographical regions it falls within.

Infrastructure Investment Map

This interactive map allows you to explore Australian Government investments in land transport infrastructure across Australia through the Infrastructure Investment Program.

Digital Atlas

Access, view and interact with trusted spatial datasets across topics including people, economy and the environment. The Digital Atlas is developed by Geoscience Australia.

National Freight Data Hub

Explore national freight data through interactive maps, dashboards and data catalogue.